How Braces Work in Straightening your Teeth

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

How Braces Work in Straightening your Teeth

Braces are considered to be an essential part of growing up. In fact, many consider braces to be a testament to their childhood. Braces are very helpful, especially for people who want to correct their teeth. Not all people are born with perfect teeth, so braces are a great solution to achieving that perfection. Before getting braces, you must first understand how they work so that you will not be caught unaware.

In a nutshell, braces have three essential parts: brackets, the elastic band, and the arch wires. Basically, all these parts work on your teeth and exert force on them so that they may be able to straighten properly. During this time, your orthodontist would work on a plan to move your teeth in such a way that would give you the straight teeth that you want. Braces will have to be readjusted every few months. Depending on the case, your orthodontist may replace some springs, and even require you to wear headgear to keep your teeth moving in the correct position.

It is imperative that you don’t neglect your oral hygiene once you have your ┬ábraces. As always, brush your teeth after every meal and be sure to practice regular and proper tooth flossing. Avoid sweets or any other food that can stick to your teeth or braces.

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