Orthodontics 101: Repairing Damaged Braces

Posted on Jan 5, 2012

Orthodontics 101: Repairing Damaged Braces

Braces can be fragile and subject to damage if proper care is not taken. Damaged braces can cost extra to replace and require additional treatment time, which is why HGS Orthodontics is here to help. At HGS Ortho, we can be efficient if you tell us which piece of your braces is causing discomfort. The diagram below lists all the parts of your braces.

The Elastic Tie is the band that holds your archwire in place.

The Archwire is the main wire that gets changed during treatment to help teeth move into the correct position.

Any loops in the archwire close spaces but many archwires don’t require loops.

Brackets keeps the archwire secure and usually are placed directly onto the tooth, eliminating the need for a band.

The Headgear Tube is a hollow attachment on the back bands.

The Coil Spring opens spaces between teeth.

The Tie Wire twists around the bracket to hold the archwire together.

The Band is the ring of metal fitting on the tooth through which brackets are attached to the tooth.

Hooks are ‘arms’ that can be removed.

An Elastic is a tiny rubber band that connects different parts of the braces and improves tooth movement.

If you have any questions about damaged braces, we are here to help. Contact HGS Ortho today!