Taking care of Your Smile after Invisalign Treatment

Posted on Jan 8, 2015

Taking care of Your Smile after Invisalign Treatment

Now that you’ve done a great deal of work with HGS Ortho to get your best possible smile, you’re probably wondering what to do next. You’ve used your Invisalign aligner trays and taken care of your teeth, and now your treatment is done.! The thing is…you still have to care for your teeth to keep your stunning smile. Keep these things in mind when you think about your daily dental care regimen.

Routine Dental Checkups
You still need to have routine dental exams. Professional cleanings and X-rays make sure that both your teeth and gums remain healthy so you can keep your teeth for life. They can be taken care of quickly if tooth cavities or other issues are discovered.

Brushing and Flossing
Brushing and flossing must be part of your daily oral care. Your gums could be more sensitive for a week or 2 after your orthodontic work is completed. Your teeth might be somewhat delicate for a short time. If your teeth are stained, an expert bleaching treatment can be considered.

Many clients require a retainer after Invisalign treatment. This will be based upon your special situation. Use it as directed if a retainer is advised by the team at Port Coquitlam orthodontist HGS Ortho to avoid your teeth from moving back into their original position. You must also stay clear of hard, crispy foods for the very first few weeks as your teeth adjust. For younger clients, retainers are typically utilized till the wisdom teeth have come in or are extracted.

If you have any questions about the best ways to look after your teeth after your Richmond Invisalign program, kindly ask our HGS Ortho team. We desire you to keep your healthy smile and delight in the outcomes of your Invisalign treatment.

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