The Fastest Way To Clean Your Braces

Posted on Feb 21, 2013

The Fastest Way To Clean Your Braces

Are you always late in getting to work or school? Always busy? Don’t have enough time to clean your braces? If your answer is yes to all of these questions, then you must indeed learn the fastest way to clean your braces.

First tip on how to clean your braces is that you should always be aware what you are putting in your mouth. In other words, watch your eating habits. Avoid consumption of food that will be difficult to remove from braces like chocolates, chewing gums, or caramel. Avoid foods that are very sticky just like the ones mentioned earlier. When they get stuck in your braces, such foods can damage the braces and you will have to wear them longer.

When brushing your teeth, do not brush using the ‘Up and down’ maneuver. This is a common misconception; merely brushing up and down will not get all the bits of food out from between the braces.

You can also use a toothbrush specifically designed for cleaning braces. Ask our team at HGS Ortho for recommendations!

Your brush strokes should be circular. Start from one end of your mouth and brush your way to the other side. Dental picks or waxed flosses can help remove bits of food. It is also good to brush your teeth 3-4 times daily, especially after every meal. This way you can keep dental plaque from developing, which is a big “NO” when it comes to braces. Also, right before bed, devote more time to cleaning your braces so that the next morning you don’t have to use dental picks if you are in a hurry.