For a Straight Smile, Orthodontics Works for You

Posted on Mar 8, 2012

For a Straight Smile, Orthodontics Works for You

For adults and teens looking for a straight smile, orthodontics is the answer. You can avoid low self-esteem, gum disease/decay, cracked or chipped teeth and chewing/swallowing difficulty if you begin orthodontic treatment as early as possible. Here’s a few things to consider about the process:


You may have to visit your orthodontist every 4-7 weeks for adjustments and check-ups and the actual treatment may take from six months to three years to get you a straight smile. It all depends on your age, the type and severity of your issues and the kind of oral appliances used in treatment. Adults generally require longer treatment than teenagers or children. If you are interested in an alternative to braces, ask your orthodontist about Invisalign invisible aligners.


Your health insurance generally covers half of your straight smile treatment (to a certain limit). Check with your dental health insurance provider for details. Your orthodontist may offer payment plans so ask about your options. Orthodontics (and a straight smile) are well worth the investment.


Initially and after adjustment, braces may feel tight on your teeth but there’s no real pain associated with orthodontics. There are very few side effects to treatment and most are the result of improper care or poor oral health. Follow your orthodontist’s instructions to the letter and you shouldn’t have any issues and get a straight smile all that much sooner.

Success Rate 

Orthodontics have a high success rate, especially for patients who carefully follow the advice of their orthodontist.  Some minor treatment may be necessary to correct tooth problems that arise later from natural wear or bad oral health habits. Ask your orthodontist what you can do to preserve your great new smile.


Brushing and flossing are extremely important when wearing braces. Food particles can become trapped around the brackets and it’s very important to floss correctly, using a threader. Your orthodontist will show you the proper oral care techniques.

You shouldn’t bite down on hard things such as ice cubes, nuts or pencils if you have braces. Sticky foods such as toffee and chewing gum are best avoided as they can pull off your brackets and lengthen treatment as a result.

If you follow your orthodontic specialist’s advice and you’ll have a fantastic straight smile before you know it!

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