Missing Teeth in Children: A Potential Orthodontic Problem

Posted on Mar 19, 2015

Missing Teeth in Children: A Potential Orthodontic Problem

Despite what you may have thought, you can’t always tell if you are missing teeth in your smile. In fact, missing teeth in children can often lead to eventual orthodontic problems.

But how can you tell if the problem is missing teeth, or if there is just a large gap in your child’s smile?

To determine whether or not teeth are actually missing, x-rays must be taken at your local orthodontic clinic.

A tooth might not be missing all the time – it might be hidden under the gums; therefore, The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) suggests children should have a consultation with an orthodontist starting at the age of 7.

Book a consultation with our Port Coquitlam orthodontists at HGS Ortho to determine if the space caused by the missing teeth should be closed or open or if the tooth will need replacing in order to fill the space. If you don’t seek treatment from an orthodontist, missing teeth in children could lead to bad tooth alignment, issues with bite and even bone loss.

Diagnosing missing teeth in children at an early age is simple: your orthodontist will insert a space maintainer and this will keep everything in place, making any treatment simple when the permanent teeth erupt. Some cases result in an appliance being placed in the mouth with all the other teeth that are forming normally. In this case, orthodontic treatment won’t be necessary; the problem may be fixable by wearing a simple appliance.

For more information about missing teeth in children, please contact us today at our Richmond orthodontic practice for a consultation.