Are Braces For You?

Posted on May 23, 2013

Are Braces For You?

Did you know that the most effectively installed braces are those that continuously apply pressure to push the teeth where it should be positioned in the first place? Dentists usually recommend that braces be worn by patients in a span of 24 months or roughly two years. In the duration of the 24 month-period, the patient’s dental condition will be evaluated by the doctor. The dentist will now decide if the braces can be taken out because all the teeth are lined up as they should or if it can only be loosened up a little because the right teeth positions have not been achieved yet.

Normally, a tooth extraction happens before braces are attached. The dentist recommends this when the patient’s jaw is too small for the corrective re-alignment of the teeth. The purpose of the braces is to push the teeth so that they can be realigned to achieve a perfect set of healthy looking teeth. A wire is then attached to the teeth via the brackets to slowly move it. The dentist makes sure that pressure is applied to every tooth that needs to be moved. The brackets of the braces are then attached to every tooth using a dental bonding material. Since the wire is stretched to ensure that it applied an equal amount of pressure to the teeth, it slowly helps the teeth move to where its place should be.

The dentist will tell you how long you need to wear those braces. A prescribed duration will remind you that there is an end point,  and you will eventually have the perfect set of teeth that you have always wanted.

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