Out Of Town Emergencies: How To Handle Your Braces

Posted on Sep 22, 2011

Out Of Town Emergencies: How To Handle Your Braces

When you and your family are traveling, an emergency with your braces is the last thing you need when you are far away from your trusted orthodontist. Dr. Geoffrey Smith at HGS Ortho, BC have some tips for you in case you run into a problem with your Invisalign, traditional braces or other orthodontic treatment.

The good news is that most issues aren’t actual true orthodontic emergencies. There are ways you can avoid the hassle of finding a new orthodontist while you are away.

The following tips should help if you have any braces emergency while away from home:

A small emergency kit – Things you will want to take with you are orthodontic wax, nail clippers tweezers, and a pencil with an eraser.

Cheeks and Lips Can Become Irritated – Wax helps alleviate irritation, but if you are out of wax, sugarless gum works too. If you have sores, you can buy Orabase or Orajel from a local drug store.

A Poking Wire – Chewing sticky foods can pull out an arch wire. Something soft like a pencil eraser can maneuver the wire. You can also put wax or sugarless gum on your wire to prevent any further irritation. Clip the wire with nail clippers if the main wire breaks, ensuring that you sanitize your tool with rubbing alcohol. NEVER swallow the clipped wire once it has been removed, this can cause further damage to your body.

Band that gets loose – If a band gets loose, it won’t cause problems while you eat. However, if you cannot tolerate this, clip the main wire with nail clippers and you can remove the band. This is a temporary measure until you are able to visit the orthodontic team at HGS Ortho.

Brackets that become loosened – Loose brackets are normally caused by hard foods. A loose bracket can be removed with sanitized tweezers.

Ligature wire or elastic that gets loose – Like the loose bracket, If an elastic ligature comes off your braces, use sanitized tweezers to secure it back into position.

If an actual dental emergency does arise that needs immediate attention requiring you to see an orthodontist right away, you can contact the local dental society for a recommendation, or find an orthodontist near you via the internet or telephone directories. Most orthodontic practices in North America and around the world will be able to help with any issues you may have.

Also, if you need to contact the team at HGS Ortho we are here for you if you need any guidance, so give us a call at 604.464.2527.

Watch the video below for some helpful advice: