Diabetes can lead to gum disease – Disease Prevention & Control

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

Diabetes can lead to gum disease – Disease Prevention & Control

gum disease periodontalDiabetes patients are two times more likely to develop periodontal disease/gum disease. A study carried out by Disease Prevention & Control  has revealed that one third of patients with diabetes have gum disease.

They have found the cause to be the high blood sugar levels slowing down healing from oral infections. Below are few tips to fight periodontal disease among diabetes patients.

  • Exercise regularly – Keep yourself fit to reduce glucose levels in blood.
  • Eat healthy – Eat better food all the time. Replace your fries, snacks with fruits. Have your favourite dishes but add on healthy variations as well.
  • Know the risks – Some people are more prone to diabetes depending on age, weight and other factors such as ethnic community.
  • Brush regularly – Put more attention to oral health. Don’t forget to brush two times a day. Specially after a large sugar containing food.
  • Visit the dentist regularly – Get a cleaning done from time to time. This way you will know if gum disease is developing and can tak e action soon.

You may be more vulnerable to gum disease during orthodontic treatment. Be sure to brush and floss as per our instructions and take care with your smile!