Eating & drinking when having dental retainers on

Posted on Nov 28, 2013

Eating & drinking when having dental retainers on

dental retainers eat drink Dental retainers are  tools used after removing braces to keep teeth from shifting back into their old position. We get lot of questions about eating and drinking while having retainers. Most upper retainers are made of plastic and wire and easily fit to the roof of the mouth. A lower retainer can be removable or permanently fitted to lower teeth.

Eating food is not recommended while having dental retainers as food particles can get stuck to the retainers and damage them.

Many question if it’s okay to chew gum while wearing retainers. We really don’t recommend doing so.

All drinks except

  • Sugary
  • Hot
  • Fizzy

drinks can be consumed while having dental retainers on. It is recommended to drink a lot of mineral water and to brush the retainers regularly to keep them clean. Have more questions about braces or retainers? Contact the best orthodontist in PoCo and Richmond. We’re here to help you have a great orthodontic experience.