Fear of dentist is rare but can create oral health complications

Posted on Nov 14, 2013

Fear of dentist is rare but can create oral health complications

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Japanese Neuroscientists are studying the different brain patterns which causes the fear of dentist. The researchers have been testing brain patterns while playing drilling and suction sounds with 34 patients.

The study revelaed that those who were afraid to go to the dentist showed marked differences in brain responses compared to the patients who were more relaxed about going to the dentist. Japanese pediatric dentist Hiroyuki Karibe from Nippon Dental University in Tokyo said although he had seen many patients gets the fear of dentist after hearing the drilling sounds, no one had ever studied the connection from a neurological point of view.

Only less than ten percent of patients have severe anxiety or fear of dentist and they usually postpone visits until toothaches and emergencies which poses huge threats to oral health complications – the study further revealed.

He further said that the study can lead to better precautions against anxious patients. We recommend anyone suffering from bite problems to come to HGS Ortho. We can help you have a straight, beautiful smile without fear. Contact us today to book an appointment.