Using Mouth Guards to Protect Teeth during sports

Posted on Nov 7, 2013

Using Mouth Guards to Protect Teeth during sports

Sports is one of the main reasons for losing teeth. Using a mouth guard can protect your teeth from most sports impacts, saving you the trouble in getting your teeth fixed.

How mouth guards protect teeth

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Mouth guards create a gap between the top of the jaw bone and the lower brain when met with a collision. This force if exerted on teeth without a mouth guard is sufficient to break one or more teeth.

A proper mouth guard should perfectly fit to the teeth. Currently there are many types of mouth guards available on the market. Most popular is the “boil and bite” type.

How to care for mouth guards

Caring for and cleaning mouth guards is very important. Keep the mouth guard in a plastic container without exposing it to high temperatures. Temperatures higher than room temperature can make the mouth guard deform in shape.

Mouth guards protect teeth and create better oral health which leads to better overall health. Sport mouth guards are especially important for those who are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment. Want to know which mouth guard type is the best for you? Contact us for an appointment.