Braces: What All The Cool Kids Are Wearing These Days

Posted on Dec 1, 2011

Braces: What All The Cool Kids Are Wearing These Days

braces richmond coquitlam vancouver bcGone are the days of “brace face” or “metal mouth”. Today, braces have completely lost their reputation as being uncool and have become increasingly popular among kids and teenagers in Richmond, Coquitlam and the surrounding Vancouver areas.

Don’t believe it? It’s true! A recent survey found that children going through orthodontics were having a positive experience. New technologies like computer software, and popularity of braces among celebrities such Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, and Serena Williams make braces a top choice for today’s cool teenagers.

In fact, 86% of moms reported that braces are more popular today than when they were kids. 69% of these mothers also said wearing braces gives children a boost in self-esteem, and 81% said their children’s treatment was either positive or extremely positive.

What is bringing this increased popularity? Patients are revealing that braces are unique, cool, colourful and–most importantly–helping to achieve a straight, beautiful smile!

What colours are cool for your braces? Try some popular options such as pink and purple, blue and green or red and white!

Think it’s time you or your child tried braces? Contact HGS Ortho for a consultation to help achieve a cool, unique smile.