Braces: Why Do I Need Them?

Posted on Dec 22, 2011

Braces: Why Do I Need Them?
There are many reasons people need braces besides maintaining an attractive appearance. Braces are a functional way to improve your teeth and have many great health benefits.

Achieving a beautiful smile is possible through orthodontic treatment. Braces can give you a gorgeous smile by improving the shape of your lips and face. Aesthetics is the usual reason people choose braces, but at HGS Ortho, we want you to know that this is not the only reason people should get braces.

Braces can improve dental function, which allows the teeth and jaw to align so that they can give you the best chewing and speaking abilities. In addition, proper function encourages better long-term health of your mouth.

At HGS Ortho, our team of experts knows that straight teeth are much easier to keep clean.  When your teeth are crowded, it is much trickier to brush and floss, and plaque is more likely to develop. Moreover, if you’re ever in need of dental restorations, it is much easier for us to work on straight teeth.

Finally, braces can help with your self-esteem and self-confidence. Orthodontic treatment has even been known to improve career success in adults, and can improve the quality of a person’s well-being.

If you want to consider orthodontic treatment, come in to HGS Ortho for a consultation!