Crowded teeth and braces

Posted on Dec 19, 2013

Crowded teeth and braces

Getting braces while having crowded teeth can be tough. There were a lot of questions on the topic on Yahoo Answers.

It is absolutely a myth that you cannot get braces if you are having crowded teeth. It is little work for the orthodontist but 100% possibility. The process is the same as for a normal mouth as explained below.

  • First, your orthodontist will plan out the braces and will give you a date for spacers.
  • Spacers are to increase room in teeth for braces. This is the most effective part of the braces process for a crowded mouth. It is going to take additional 1-2 hours to apply spacers for a crowded mouth.
  • Once in the right place, spacers are needed only for few days even for a crowded mouth.
  • You can directly get braces after spacers or depending on the situation you will be given bands before

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