Eating with Braces: Foods to Avoid

Posted on Dec 8, 2011

Eating with Braces: Foods to Avoid

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If you have braces, you know how important it is to keep braces clean. You also know that there’s a certain limit to what you can eat. The orthodontic team at HGS Ortho wants to assure you that there are plenty of foods that are safe to eat if you have braces.

Eating with Braces: Food to Avoid

Never eat the following: sticky foods, candies, gum, hard foods, or nuts. In addition, never chew on pens or pencils if this is one of your habits.

With the following foods, you will have to be cautious. Be sure to cut these foods up or chew with your back teeth: corn chips, hard fruit, breads, pitted fruits, bars, and chicken wings. If you want to eat foods with a high sugar content, be sure to limit the amount and to brush your teeth immediately after.

Eating with Braces: Foods that are Fine

There are plenty of foods that are okay to eat with braces, such as: ice cream without any candies or nuts,  potato chips, vegetables, fries, soft foods like pudding and yogurt, sandwiches, cereal if it is soaked in milk, milkshakes or smoothies, and any other soft food.

To keep braces clean, here are some great snack ideas if you have braces:

  1. Apples sliced very thinly, with yogurt or chocolate dip
  2. A classic favorite: cheese and crackers
  3. You can make a mix with cereal low in sugar, crackers or even small marshmallows or Craisins
  4. PB&J with honey, rolled up in a tortilla shell
  5. Cheese strings
  6. Hummus with a soft pita. You can also use soft vegetables like zucchini or peppers
  7. Soft fruits which include oranges, strawberries and many more
  8. A low sugar smoothie made with yogurt
  9. Pizza made on an English muffin and topped with cheese

You may be surprised to hear this, but there’s even a cookbook based on recipes that are good for people with braces. It’s called The Braces Cookbook by Pamela Waterman and can give you some great ideas if you wear braces and want to keep them intact.

Come in for your appointment at HGS Ortho and we can give you tips and answer any questions you may have.