The Advantages of Invisalign

Posted on Dec 12, 2012

The Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign braces are clearly making their mark in the dental industry nowadays. These wonderful inventions are a great alternative to the traditional metal braces. If you are not comfortable with the concept of wearing these shiny metal contraptions on your mouth, then you should give Invisalign a try.

What is Invisalign? They are custom-made aligners that you wear on your teeth. These aligners are made of clear and lightweight plastic that are practically invisible. No one can tell that you are wearing them, which is the point of wearing Invisalign. If you cannot stomach the thought of having an awkward smile, then you should give these a try.

Another advantage of Invisalign is that it eliminates the entire discomfort of having to go to the dentist to have your braces tightened and adjusted every month. With Invisalign, there are absolutely no metal wires or brackets to hold you down. You practically forget that they are even there at all.

Invisalign is also much easier to maintain than the traditional braces. Many people who have used the traditional braces complain that the upkeep of braces can get quite tedious. Even simple tasks, such as chewing food or brushing one’s teeth can turn into quite a task. With Invisalign, things are made more simple. You could simply remove them before eating, and pop them back on again.

Invisalign can be your solution to crooked teeth. Contact HGS Ortho to book a consultation and learn if Invisalign might be right for you.