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Orthodontics 101: Invisalign For Teens and Adults

Posted on Oct 20, 2011

At age 13, most of our permanent teeth a have come in, which is a popular time for orthodontic corrections such as braces. Since teens at this age are still growing, Dr. Geoffrey Smith at HGS Ortho may time any corrective orthodontics to their growth spurts – at least as much as possible. The reason for doing this is to help increase the effectiveness of teen orthodontics. In the case of adult orthodontics that are also suitable for teens, there are popular invisible braces such as Invisalign that eliminate the necessity of wearing noticeable wires to straighten teeth.

Invisalign orthodontic braces are created from clear plastic aligners that are practically invisible on the teeth. Unlike their traditional metal counterparts, Invisalign clear aligners are removable for extra convenience and many of our Port Coquitlam and Richmond patients enjoy this benefit. This feature allows for easier flossing and brushing to keep away gingivitis and gum disease. Working gradually to straighten teeth, Invisalign has no metal brackets or wires. The nearly invisible aspect of these clear aligner braces is especially appealing to adults who don’t want to wear the metal wires typically associated with their teen years. This is also beneficial to teens who prefer to have a more natural looking smile when wearing a corrective orthodontic device.

Another type of orthodontic treatment that Dr. Geoffrey Smith may advise for teens or adults with jaw or bite problems is orthognathic (jaw) surgery. This surgery often accompanies orthodontic treatments for extra effectiveness. More adult orthodontist patients tend to undergo jaw surgery since teens’ jaws tend to be in the growing stage. Headgear appliances are much more common for children and are not often used for teen or adult orthodontic treatments. For more information on adult and teen orthodontics, contact the team at HGS Ortho today.

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