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How to Keep Braces Clean: The Top Ten Tips!

Posted on Nov 24, 2011

braces cleanKeeping braces clean and teeth healthy is extremely important; learning how to keep braces clean will shorten treatment time, prevent health problems and minimize discomfort.

Braces tend to give food fragments more places to hide, which can result in bad breath, stained teeth, cavities and swollen gums. Keep your smile bright and healthy with these top ten tips for effectively cleaning teeth with braces.

1. Never forget to floss: Many patients become too lazy to floss between the metal wires that come with braces. Regular flossing works for many patients of Vancouver-area orthodontic practices, but others prefer to floss with a threader. A floss threader allows for you to get into tight spaces between teeth, keeping your mouth cleaner and healthier.

2. Bring a brush: It’s a great idea to get into the habit of bringing a toothbrush with you everywhere. Always brush teeth after every meal in order to get rid of food trapped between teeth. Create or buy a special container for your toothbrush that can always travel with you.

3. Take it one by one: Each time you brush your teeth, make sure to pay attention to each individual tooth. Try to spend at least 10 seconds on each one, paying careful attention to where the braces touch your teeth.

4. Angle your brush: Angle your toothbrush down towards where teeth and braces meet when brushing the top of teeth. Angle the toothbrush up when brushing the bottom of your teeth and braces.

5. Clean after every meal: During treatment with braces, it is extremely important to brush your teeth after eating any meal. If food stays in your mouth, it can easily lead to cavities and tooth decay. If you are not able to brush, try to thoroughly wash your mouth out with water.

6. Clean back to front, up and down: Don’t just focus on the front of your teeth, the back area is just as important! Always remember to clean the inner surface of teeth, the chewing surface and along the gum line. This will help to effectively prevent plaque build-up.

7. Remove removable parts: Take out any elastic bands or headgear before you brush or floss your teeth.

8. Invest in a pointed brush: Interdental brushes, also known as proxa brushes and interproximal brushes, are great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. The brush is cone-shaped and can clean spots that standard brushes usually miss.

9. Find some fluoride: Fluoride helps to protect against cavities. Use fluoride-based toothpaste and mouth wash when cleaning teeth.

10. Schedule regular check-ups: While you have to take care of your teeth most days, make sure to visit your orthodontist and dentist regularly while undergoing braces treatment. Professionals will provide a deep cleaning that will help your smile look and feel beautiful.

Contact the expert team at HGS Ortho to help keep your braces clean and your smile bright!

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Even Justin Bieber Wears Invisalign Invisible Braces!

Posted on Nov 3, 2011

Everyone is confessing to their “little secret” to straighter teeth: Invisalign Invisible Braces!

Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Katherine Heigl and many more have become unofficial spokespeople for the popular orthodontic method for straightening teeth. Check out Justin Bieber showing off his Invisalign clear braces in the video below:

Want to learn more about how you can straighten your teeth like Justin Bieber? Book a consultation at HGS Ortho today to learn more about Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces!

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