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Orthodontics 101: Open Bite Information

Posted on Jun 28, 2012

What is an open bite?
Open bites describe a misalignment of the tooth and jaw wherein the upper and lower front teeth are forced outwards. In consequence, most teeth don’t touch each other at all, not even when the mouth is closed.

What causes an open bite?
In most cases it’s the patients themselves who are (inadvertently) responsible. Thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting (pushing the tongue against the teeth when swallowing), chewing on objects (usually pencils), excessive/incorrect use of pacifiers and feeding bottles, and untreated TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) can all cause an open bite.

What are the consequences of an open bite? 
An open bite isn’t aesthetically pleasing and may cause low self-esteem in a patient. Lisping and TMD could develop or become aggravated, so it’s important to visit your orthodontic specialist to correct an open bite.

Generally braces are sufficient to correct an open bite, but in severe cases jaw surgery may be required. Your orthodontist at our Port Coquitlam orthodontic clinic or our Richmond orthodontic clinic will be able to determine which course of action is appropriate for your open bite.

The best treatment for an open bite is prevention, beginning as early as possible by discouraging thumb-sucking, reducing pacifier use and booking an appointment with your Richmond Orthodontist or with your Port Coquitlam Orthodontist HGS Ortho.

If you have any questions about open bites, please contact us today. We’re social too! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Invisalign: Not Just For Teens

Posted on Jun 21, 2012

Good news for adult orthodontic patients who want to straighten their smile without braces!

Invisalign is the clear alternative to traditional metal braces and while parents of teenagers may be very familiar with the benefits of Invisalign BPA-free plastic aligners, most aren’t aware that Invisalign isn’t just for teens! Anyone’s teeth can be straightened with a custom-created Invisalign orthodontic treatment plan at HGS Ortho, your Richmond and Port Coquitlam orthodontist.

Invisalign aligners are completely clear, socially-friendly and hassle-free. For your Invisalign orthodontic treatment to be effective, your orthodontist at HGS Ortho recommends that you wear the aligners 20-22 hours daily and only remove them for meals and for your oral health care routine (brushing, flossing, etc.).

After the initial consultation, you will receive your first set of aligners from the orthodontic specialists at HGS Ortho, your Port Coquitlam and Richmond orthodontist, which gradually shift your teeth. You will receive a new pair of aligners every couple of weeks to continue treatment and you must schedule a check-up at our Richmond or Port Coquitlam orthodontic clinic every six weeks to ensure your teeth are straightening properly.

Contact us today to book an appointment at HGS Ortho, your Port Coquitlam and Richmond orthodontist, and get the straightest smile of your life!

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Orthodontic Treatment: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Posted on Jun 7, 2012

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, the orthodontic team at HGS Ortho in Richmond and Port Coquitlam offer you our sincerest congratulations. Investing in your smile is one of the most important decisions in your life. If you have any questions about orthodontic treatment or if you would like to book your orthodontic treatment consultation at our Richmond orthodontic clinic or at our Port Coquitlam orthodontic clinic, contact us today. We’re here to answer all your questions.

If you’re thinking about committing to orthodontic treatment at HGS Ortho, here are the top 5 things you need to know:

1. Orthodontic Treatment is Possible at Any Age 

If your jawbone, teeth and gums are healthy, you can improve your smile and your oral health through orthodontic treatment at any age. 20% of all orthodontic patients at our Richmond orthodontic clinic and Port Coquitlam orthodontic clinic are adults over the age of 21 and we offer socially-friendly orthodontic options such as clear braces and Invisalign invisible aligners.

2. Your Bite is Just as Important as Straight Teeth 

Your orthodontist at HGS Orthodontics in Richmond and Port Coquitlam doesn’t just evaluate the straightness of your teeth during your orthodontic consultation. Instead, the position of your jaw, the occlusion (the bite) of your teeth and the functionality of your mouth with regards to speaking and chewing are all evaluated and corrected during orthodontic treatment.

3. Oral Hygiene is Crucial for your Teeth 

It is essential to practice proper oral hygiene before, during and after your orthodontic treatment. Bacteria on your teeth can lead to plaque build-up, cavities and tooth loss so be sure to brush your teeth after every meal during your orthodontic treatment and be sure to floss at least once a day for a happy, healthy smile.

4. Be Aware of any Possible Allergies

If you’re allergic to latex, plastic or nickel, please be sure to inform your orthodontist at our Richmond orthodontic clinic or our Port Coquitlam orthodontic clinic before you begin any kind of orthodontic treatment. It’s possible to develop an allergy during your orthodontic treatment so if you experience swelling, hives, shortness of breath or excessive mouth sores, please call 911.

5. Retainers Help your Smile 

Retainers are part of your orthodontic treatment and help keep your teeth into their correct position. Retainers can either be bonded to the back of your teeth or removable. Retainers require cleaning every night to prevent bacteria and plaque growth and be sure to always keep your retainer in its case when not in use.

The orthodontics team at HGS Ortho in Richmond and Port Coquitlam are happy to answer any questions you might have about orthodontic treatment. Contact us today!

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