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How To Care For Your Braces

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

Braces on your teeth is an important procedure that not only physically corrects and straightens the appearance of your teeth, it also realigns your teeth for a better bite and improved function of your teeth. Having said that, once you have your braces set on your teeth, it is just as equally important to maintain and keep your teeth clean. This is because the wires on your braces tend to trap food between your braces and your teeth. This might lead to the development of plaque and other bacteria that can cause further complications. Here are a few tips about caring for your smile the right way while wearing braces.

First, you need to be a bit more meticulous when it comes to brushing your teeth. With the braces on, you need to use a soft bristle toothbrush and be sure to replace your toothbrush when the bristles start to fray. Brush your teeth, gums and the braces carefully and make sure you reach every tooth. Remember to brush after every meal or at least 3 times a day, and it is also advisable to use a fluoride rinse after brushing.

Flossing is still an essential part of your oral hygiene especially when you’re figuring out how to care for your braces. The braces may make flossing slightly difficult. You’ll need a floss threader so that you can get in between your teeth with little problem from the archwire of your braces. It may take a little bit of time, but ensuring you have healthy teeth while you have your braces on will make for better results when it’s time to remove the braces.

Finally, you should try to avoid certain types of food while you still have your braces on. If you want to know how to care for your braces, then you should stay away from chewing gum, caramel type candies, apples, popcorn, and nuts. These are the type of foods that easily get stuck on your teeth. They become much more challenging to remove while you have your braces on. Sugary foods should also be minimized like soda, ice cream, and candies. These sugary treats will quickly cause tooth decay and that is something you don’t want ever.

For more advice on how to care for your braces, make sure to visit HGS Ortho and get more information about your braces and what you should to keep up with your oral hygiene.

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Caring for your Braces

Posted on Jan 24, 2013

Many consider orthodontic treatment to be a great investment. After all, there is nothing more captivating than a winning smile. With a confident smile, you could expect to win people over. However, not everyone is born with perfect teeth. If you are one of those individuals who are born with crooked or misaligned teeth, getting braces would be the best solution for you. Once you have gotten your braces, remember that there are certain responsibilities you have. You have to keep in mind how to care for your braces.

Once you have gotten your braces, you must never neglect your teeth. This means that you should brush your teeth after every meal. You must also remember to floss your teeth afterwards, to get rid of any food particles that might get caught in between your teeth. During the first few weeks, you might want to check with your orthodontist and address any concerns you might have. It is imperative that you must ask a professional’s advice on tips for how to care for your braces. Don’t neglect those regular visits to your dentist.

Remember to steer clear of food like hard candy, caramel chews, or taffy. These things could get stuck in between your braces, and it is also bad for your teeth.  Lovers of sweets will consider this to be quite a sacrifice on their part. But in order to maintain good oral health, you must be aware of what’s good and what is bad for your teeth. Sweets and carbonated drinks are high in sugar, which could lead to cavities, if you don’t take the necessary steps in keeping your teeth healthy. Learning how to care for your braces may take some getting used to, but the experience would be worth it.  While you are wearing braces, it is advised that you stick to food that requires less chewing. Foods like soup or mashed potatoes are braces-friendly foods that are worth trying.

It might take a bit of a sacrifice on your part, at first. But the results would be all worth it-beautiful and straight teeth. Once you stick to the tips on how to care for your braces, you know that you will be getting that confident and winning smile that would be the envy of all your friends.

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Invisalign for Teens

Posted on Jan 17, 2013

Being a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your teen get through that awkward phase. Now everyone knows that a perfect smile evokes beauty and confidence. Of course, not everyone is born with perfect teeth. If your teen is one of those who have crooked teeth, you know that with that comes the inevitable treatment-braces. Of course, your teen will have the initial qualms to it, saying that wearing braces will subject them to the ruthless teasing of their peers. Fortunately, there is another option: Invisalign Teen clear braces.

What is Invisalign Teen? Like the name suggests, Invisalign Teen acts as “invisible” aligners for your teeth. They are made of a thin, plastic material that blends well with natural teeth. Unlike braces, Invisalign does not make use of metal wires and brackets and are especially designed for teen teeth.

Another good thing about Invisalign is that it is much easier to maintain than traditional metal braces. With your teen’s active lifestyle, this will certainly work to their advantage. Invisalign is also removable, so it’s easier to clean and teens can enjoy all their favourite foods.



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How Braces Work in Straightening your Teeth

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Braces are considered to be an essential part of growing up. In fact, many consider braces to be a testament to their childhood. Braces are very helpful, especially for people who want to correct their teeth. Not all people are born with perfect teeth, so braces are a great solution to achieving that perfection. Before getting braces, you must first understand how they work so that you will not be caught unaware.

In a nutshell, braces have three essential parts: brackets, the elastic band, and the arch wires. Basically, all these parts work on your teeth and exert force on them so that they may be able to straighten properly. During this time, your orthodontist would work on a plan to move your teeth in such a way that would give you the straight teeth that you want. Braces will have to be readjusted every few months. Depending on the case, your orthodontist may replace some springs, and even require you to wear headgear to keep your teeth moving in the correct position.

It is imperative that you don’t neglect your oral hygiene once you have your  braces. As always, brush your teeth after every meal and be sure to practice regular and proper tooth flossing. Avoid sweets or any other food that can stick to your teeth or braces.

If you would like to book an orthodontics consultation, contact HGS Ortho today!


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Benefits of Braces: What can Braces do for your Teeth?

Posted on Jan 3, 2013

Braces are sometimes considered to be an “uncool”  thing to have. However, there are many benefits that can result from wearing dental braces. First off, the main purpose of braces is to help realign and fix overbites, under bites, malocclusions, cross bites or any crooked teeth a person may have. While dental braces are more beneficial if implemented early to correct a child’s dental problems, even adults can get braces if needed. If you’re thinking of getting your teeth straightened, make sure to get in touch with the team at HGS Ortho to get an idea of what braces can do for you. In the meantime, here are some benefits of braces that you may not have known.

The objective when getting braces is to improve the physical structure and appearance of teeth, which in turn means that you will have a better, healthier, strong smile in the end. The benefits of braces also include straightening the teeth which allows you to be able to clean your teeth much more easily.

Another benefit of braces is the prevention of any jaw problems in the future. Crooked and misaligned teeth may lead to teeth grinding which will put unnecessary pressure on to your jaw which will strain the muscles and cause complications in the long run. With perfectly aligned teeth, you avoid grinding and any future problems. Braces can even be styled with different colors for personalization. In addition, with the recent advancements in dentistry there are even braces that look almost invisible!

With all the different benefits of braces, the most important thing here is the confidence it brings once you’ve corrected your teeth. You’ll smile more comfortably and interact with others without being self-conscious. Make sure to visit HGS Ortho when you’re ready to get that winning smile today. Click here to book an appointment.

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