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Removal Braces: Why Do You Need It?

Posted on May 30, 2013

Do you feel like getting braces? Then, you should see a orthodontist to find out if you are a candidate for it. Orthodontics is a dental specialty that helps patients deal with misaligned teeth to ensure that they are set back into place. It is perfectly normal for the human teeth to misalign in the process of growth. Malocclusion is the technical term used to refer to such misalignment which can also lead to other dental problems such as an overbite or crowding.

There are so many problems that could stem from teeth misalignment. Apart from the physical changes that people take notice of, misaligned teeth can also cause digestion problems because the teeth are not properly aligned.  Luckily, there are many different dental treatments that you can seek to keep the teeth aligned.

Braces are one of the options that people go for when it comes to teeth alignment and they are also the more effective option. If you are not sure if braces could work to your advantages, then it is best to seek an orthodontist’s advice. They can give you the best options possible.

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Are Braces For You?

Posted on May 23, 2013

Did you know that the most effectively installed braces are those that continuously apply pressure to push the teeth where it should be positioned in the first place? Dentists usually recommend that braces be worn by patients in a span of 24 months or roughly two years. In the duration of the 24 month-period, the patient’s dental condition will be evaluated by the doctor. The dentist will now decide if the braces can be taken out because all the teeth are lined up as they should or if it can only be loosened up a little because the right teeth positions have not been achieved yet.

Normally, a tooth extraction happens before braces are attached. The dentist recommends this when the patient’s jaw is too small for the corrective re-alignment of the teeth. The purpose of the braces is to push the teeth so that they can be realigned to achieve a perfect set of healthy looking teeth. A wire is then attached to the teeth via the brackets to slowly move it. The dentist makes sure that pressure is applied to every tooth that needs to be moved. The brackets of the braces are then attached to every tooth using a dental bonding material. Since the wire is stretched to ensure that it applied an equal amount of pressure to the teeth, it slowly helps the teeth move to where its place should be.

The dentist will tell you how long you need to wear those braces. A prescribed duration will remind you that there is an end point,  and you will eventually have the perfect set of teeth that you have always wanted.

Do you feel like you or a family member would benefit from having braces?  Get in touch with HGS Ortho to book an appointment and discuss your options.

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Why Do People Want Perfectly Straight Teeth?

Posted on May 16, 2013

Everyone dreams of having a perfect set of straight teeth. Whether their reason is for personal gain because it makes them look for attractive or for business purposes because they are usually offered better-paying jobs, one thing remains the same – everyone would do anything and everything to get that perfect, straight teeth.

And yet what people often forget is the fact that there is more to perfectly straight teeth than just aesthetics. A gorgeous smile is a reflection of perfect oral health which means everything concerning the mouth including the teeth, gums, tongue and upper throat are free from any type of health problem. Their perfect condition allows the individual to live a better life.

Having perfectly straight teeth also inspires people to do better and become better in their own right. Since they feel more confident because they have the smile that everyone dreams of having, they tend to be the leaders of groups. They become more passionate in what they do and usually they succeed.

People want to have perfectly straight teeth because they know that it could do wonders in their lives. With that perfect smile, they can get whatever they want and be whoever they dream to be.

To help you get straight teeth, HGS Ortho is here to help you! Book your appointment today!

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Underbite and Overbite — What’s The Difference?

Posted on May 9, 2013

Dental disorders aren’t at the top of the list for what everybody knows. Not by name, but chances are if you’ve seen a dental condition in your family, you could have it too, as a large number of dental conditions have a genetic link. So let’s get down to business and help you identify a few problems you may not know too much about.

Quite an obvious one to pick up, normally your  lower teeth should lie just behind your upper teeth. Underbite is simply a condition where the reverse happens. It seems harmless, but not only can it cause anxiety and no confidence in those who have it, it comes with some more serious side effects as well.

An underbite usually develops due to genetic reasons, but children who have had prolonged pacifier use may also develop one. Coupled with thumb sucking or bad chewing habits, it could worsen.

Overbite is something that’s usually overlooked, although it can still be noticeable in some cases. In a perfect jaw, your upper teeth hover about 3 -5mm further than the lower, anything over 5mm is classed as an abnormal overbite. 70 percent of dental disorders in children come from overbites, making it the most common malocclusion.

Overbites, like the underbite are also related to genetics.  Just like the underbite, it can worsen by using a pacifier for too long, thumb sucking and even the pressure of tongue pushing against the teeth at a young age.  The jaw bone is soft and slightly mouldable, so at a young age it can be easily deformed.

Overbites can make eating chewy foods painful, and can lead to headaches or joint problems.

If you have any concerns about your teeth, or are concerned with the development of your child’s teeth, contact the HGS Ortho team to book an appointment.

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HGS Ortho Sponsors 2002B Islanders Softball Team!

Posted on May 2, 2013

Richmond Islanders Softball Sponsorship Richmond Orthodontist

Did you know that Dr. Smith is not only a fan of hockey, but a fan of softball too?

In addition to sponsoring a youth hockey team, HGS Ortho’s own Dr. Smith has sponsored the 2002B Richmond Islanders team (2002 denotes the year of birth!).

They’ve already won their first 5 games — click here to read the celebratory article in the Richmond Review — and currently are 6-2. Last weekend, the girls played in the South Delta tournament and placed third – an incredible achievement, as they were playing against girls a year older, in the 2001 division.

2002B Richmond Islander’s coach, Tyler Gibson, thanks Dr. Smith and HGS Ortho for their generous support.


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