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There’s a lot of Bacteria in your Toothbrush

Posted on Aug 28, 2014

Looks like there was a study done recently on toothbrushes and how much bacteria they hold. The results showed that hollow-head brushes can contain up to 3,000 times the bacteria than solid-head, electric toothbrushes!

The study was held over three weeks and was conducted by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Dentistry.

Read this article for more information on the study.

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Healthy Foods for Healthy Teeth

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

Having and maintaining healthy teeth is just as important as exercising for your body. The things we eat, drink, how we brush and floss, etc. all have a significant impact on our dental health.

If you’ve ever wondered how to optimally take care of your teeth by eating correctly, then we’ve got a great collection of foods for you take a look at! Eating healthy foods that are geared towards keeping your teeth and gums healthy can fight off things like gum disease, ginigivtis, and plaque.

Check out this article for a list of five foods to eat for healthy teeth. After all, you are what you eat!

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Oral Health Infographic

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

Take a look at this dental health infographic brought to you by The Greatist Team.

Infographics are the best way to learn lots of info on a subject in a visually appealing way because they puts lot of information together in one place! Sometimes, toothbrushing and oral health can seem like a routine and it’s hard to understand the true reason for doing them, this infographic will certainly offer you a better understanding.

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Is there a Right Way to Brush your Teeth?

Posted on Aug 7, 2014

There’s been a new study by British Dental Journal that states dental professionals and toothpaste companies don’t agree on a concise way for brushing your teeth.

It’s no wonder we can get easily confused about how to care for our teeth properly! We’re getting too much conflicting information from many different sides.

The important thing to remember, however, is that we do brush our teeth. As long as we are scrubbing our pearly whites every day, we are doing the right thing.

To read the whole article, click here.


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