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Orthodontic Treatment: When Do You Need It?

Posted on Nov 27, 2014

The best age to see an orthodontist for the first time is at 7 years old. It’s widely considered by orthodontists as the best age to first examine a patient as the molars (back teeth) are usually in and these help establish the child’s bite. From this early exam, a Richmond orthodontist at HGS Ortho is often able to get a good understanding of any potential bite problems.

For parents, it can be beneficial to know ahead of time the likely type of orthodontic treatments that may be required for their child in the future. For instance, if the orthodontist predicts that braces are likely to be needed in the teen years, then parents have more time to prepare for them in terms of financial planning or dental insurance considerations. Adults often need orthodontic treatments if once-straight teeth become crooked due to causes such as aging, injury or gum disease. They may also seek out an Port Coquitlam orthodontist for jaw problems or facial reconstruction.

Facial reconstruction orthodontics are often sought by people who have been in a disfiguring accident, while Port Coquitlam and Richmond patients with jaw bone loss or disorders such as TMJ conditions may require orthognathic (jaw) surgery or other treatments. If bite problems or jaw pain is ongoing, an appointment can be booked with our orthodontists. Malocclusions (bite problems) are a main specialty of orthodontists. An examination at age 7 and follow-up will reduce or eliminate potential bite issues such as overbites or under bites, and is ideal as the child ages.

Older children, teens, and adults often receive treatment from orthodontists for braces to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. While in some cases, orthodontists treat children aged 7-9 with orthodontic devices for bite problems, kids, and teens between the ages of 10-14 are more likely candidates for braces. Adults, as well as teens, are now common seekers of teeth straightening orthodontics thanks to the advances in braces such as the popular, nearly invisible, clear plastic aligners called Invisalign. To learn more about Invisalign or other orthodontic options, contact our team. Call 604-464-2527 to book an appointment.

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How to Keep Teeth Clean While Wearing Braces

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

Many patients who get braces for the first time have many questions on how to maintain proper oral health. Questions such as: How do I keep my teeth clean? Do I just use a normal toothbrush? How can I floss if I have braces?

Watch the tutorial video below to understand exactly how you can keep your mouth in top shape during your orthodontic treatment. In order to keep teeth clean while wearing braces, you must maintain a regular cleaning schedule and make your teeth a top priority.

Many patients make the mistake of not spending enough time re-learning how to brush or floss, but with this tutorial video on how to clean teeth while wearing braces, your oral health can remain in the best condition for the day when your braces are removed to reveal a stunning, straight, and healthy smile!

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What to Expect at Your First Appointment at HGS Ortho

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

At HGS Ortho we are dedicated to ensuring that every visit to our Vancouver orthodontist office is as comfortable and safe as possible. We understand that many of our new patients may be nervous or anxious about their first orthodontist visit. To ease your mind, we’ve created a breakdown of what you can expect for your first appointment.

After first filling out mandatory new patient forms, your orthodontist will carefully examine your teeth in order to determine prospective treatment solutions. Typically, you will need photographs, X-rays and models for a final analysis and orthodontics plan.

On your first visit, it’s a good idea to have the following questions in mind:

  • Do I have any orthodontic problems with my teeth?
  • If so, what are these problems?
  • What should I do in order to correct these problems?
  • Will I need to extract any teeth?
  • When should I begin my orthodontic treatment?
  • What will my teeth look like at the end of treatment?
  • How much money will orthodontics cost?
  • Do I have any payment plans or insurance available?
  • What if I do not undergo orthodontic treatment?

After your teeth have been analyzed, it is always a good idea to discuss with your orthodontist the treatment plan in more detail. This may require a second consultation appointment. If your orthodontic treatment plan sounds like a good idea, you can schedule an appointment right away.

Contact us today to schedule your first orthodontic consultation at HGS Ortho.

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What are Retainers?

Posted on Nov 6, 2014

Tooth realignment is a complicated and long process. The initial procedure is the installation of braces to accomplish the actual realigning of a patient’s teeth. These braces are worn for an amount of time determined by your Port Coquitlam orthodontist on a case by case basis. After the braces, HGS Ortho will require or recommend the use of retainers. Retainers are plastic molds of the roof of your mouth with wires attached to them that go around your newly aligned teeth. But what do retainers do and why are they still necessary after you’ve had braces for such a long time already?

First and foremost, a retainer can be used for different purposes apart from just wearing them after you’ve had braces. Having said that, the retainer is used after your braces have been taken out. This is a way for the teeth to stay in their new alignment as the soft tissues like the gums adjust to the new placement of your teeth and fix them into place. If you’re required to use retainers, you’ll typically have to wear them at night before you go to bed. In some cases you might also have to wear retainers in the morning.

In other cases, retainers can also help correct tooth grinding, manage and resolve speech conditions, and alleviate tongue thrusting, which occurs when a person’s tongue goes in between their teeth when they talk. Your dentist or Richmond orthodontist is the best person to tell if retainers will work for your condition.

On average, a person needs to wear their retainers for a couple of months. While it may seem like a long time, it’s a better alternative than having your teeth go back to their previously misaligned positions. A trip to the orthodontist’s office at HGS Ortho will be able give you an accurate assessment as to how long you may need retainers and how to take care of your teeth afterwards. Contact us today!

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