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Merry Christmas!

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from our HGS Ortho family to yours. May you have fun celebrating the joy of the season!

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How to Clean your Braces

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

Keeping your teeth clean can be a simple process as it usually only involves three things – brushing, flossing, and rinsing. But how exactly do you clean your teeth when you have braces on? And how do you clean your braces in the first place? Braces are these intricate contraptions that help to realign and fix several dental complications. And like anything else, braces need to be maintained and kept clean so that they don’t degrade or become damaged. To make your life easier, here are some tips you should use when it comes to cleaning your braces.

Before doing anything, make sure to gargle with water to remove any loose food debris in your mouth. An important thing to remember is you need to change the way you usually brush your teeth. You need to be a little bit gentler but still use some firmness to ensure you properly clean your braces and your teeth. Use circular movements as up and down motion may damage your braces. Soft bristle brushes are also recommended in this situation or a specific orthodontic toothbrush.

You should still floss even with the braces on. To clean your braces using floss, make sure you have a floss threader to move the floss over the metal arch so that you can floss each tooth. Usually any type of floss will work in this situation, but remember to ask your Richmond or Port Coquitlam orthodontist first.

You should also look into purchasing a dental pick which is called a spiral inter-proximal brush. You’ll need this small brush to get into the nook and crannies of your braces to remove any food particles that are left behind. Use this device to brush and keep clean the brace arch and the brackets.

All of these are regular maintenance you can do at home. However, it still recommended that you visit your Port Coquiltam and Richmond orthodontist’s office regularly to have your braces properly checked and cleaned. Contact HGS Ortho today and we’ll get you the tools you’ll need to keep your teeth clean and provide checkup and maintenance services for your braces.

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Adult Orthodontics and You

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

Today, there are many treatments and procedures that help individuals no matter what their age or dental health situation. However, all these innovations and advancements were not available to today’s adults when they were young. There are a lot of grown-ups who have lived their whole lives with dental abnormalities, incorrect bites, and misaligned teeth. Many have had to live with their dental problems all their lives, which may have had negative or adverse effects on their confidence and the way they approach people. Moreover, there are certain dental treatments and procedures that are more applicable for younger patients because their bones and soft tissue are still growing and able to adapt to any changes or procedures. However, there is still hope as many solutions are being made available through adult orthodontics.

While you often see orthodontic treatments like braces on children or teenagers, these types of procedures are now effective for adults and can greatly improve teeth appearance and function. Additionally, the recent improvements in adult orthodontics and dentistry in general mean that adults don’t have to wear those chunky, metal wires and brackets any more. It can be hidden from sight, meaning it won’t disrupt your normal professional or social life.

The results from adult orthodontics that patients get are often considered a major change in the way they see themselves. Having lived most of their lives with their teeth issues, the improved look and capabilities of their teeth can be signal a major change in their lives.

Now there’s no excuse for you to get those lovely white teeth and beautiful smile. Adult orthodontics ensure that no matter what your age may be, it is never too late to have your teeth fixed. Remember to visit HGS Ortho for a consultation to get an idea as to what’s the best treatment for your dental condition and for tips on the best dental hygiene practices. Contact us today for more information!

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Braces for Children: The Basics

Posted on Dec 4, 2014

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first visit with an orthodontist at age 7 as a good way of predicting whether or not treatment will be required in the future. Although children are rarely fitted with braces until an average of about 10-14 years old, by age 7 their back teeth (molars) are established. From these molars, the orthodontists at HGS Ortho in Richmond and Port Coquitlam can predict many potential bite problems. The types of braces for children that may eventually be recommended by an orthodontist will depend on the type of bite issue each individual child may have. Some children with bite problems may end up having only upper or lower treatment, while others may require both.

Children’s metal braces are always bonded to clean, dry teeth. Bonding primer is placed on the teeth before the wire brackets are attached with composite cement. Next, our Port Coquitlam and Richmond orthodontists will attach the teeth straightening wires by placing a section of wire into the slot on each bracket. A metal or elastic tie holds the wire in the slot in these traditional braces for children. Newer types don’t require the ties. Invisalign, which is a type of clear plastic and nearly invisible braces, is a popular choice today — especially for teens and adults who don’t want the obvious look of metal wires on their teeth.

A good thing to keep in mind when children first get braces is that it may take kids time to get used to them. Keep on the look out for places where wires may have come loose as sores may develop in the mouth due to wire irritating the inner cheeks. Often, simple solutions such as adding a pea-sized ball of wax or cotton over the protruding wire, can solve the problem. To learn more about children and braces or to book a first check up appointment for your 7-year-old, call the team at HGS Ortho soon.

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