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Orthodontics 101: 10 Common Myths About Braces

Posted on Apr 9, 2015

Even if you know a lot about braces, there are a few common myths you may not be familiar with, so HGS Ortho in Richmond and Port Coquitlam is here to set the record straight.

10 common myths about braces:

1. Ouch! Braces are a pain – Compared to the past when braces were heavy and very painful, now we have innovative technology with flexible, much more comfortable wires. If you want straight teeth, you don’t have to go through excruciating pain to get there. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a patient who isn’t feeling any pain at all, don’t worry – your braces are still doing their job and working just fine.

2. If it’s just tight enough, then it’s right – Orthodontists are accustomed to hearing from their patients that they want their braces tighter. Tighter braces may seem like they will be shifting your teeth into place faster, but if the force is too strong, you could damage tissue and bone in your mouth. Our Richmond orthodontists are experts and know that orthodontic care is a balance.

3. Change my wires every visit, doc! – The wire that the orthodontist uses actually doesn’t have to be changed all that often. In the past, a wire that put too much force on a tooth could knock off brackets and not be efficient, but now we have better technology and wires do not have to be changed every time.

4. Braces are the only thing that will straighten my teeth – Because we live in an age with progressing technology, you don’t have to necessarily wear braces to have straight teeth. Have you heard of Invisalign®? Invisalign uses clear aligners so your teeth can be straight without traditional braces. However, you should know that Invisalign does not work for every case, especially severe orthodontic cases. If you want to know if Invisalign is right for you, book a consultation with Dr. Smith.

5. Goodbye spaces! – Some people think that as soon as they get braces, that the gaps or spaces between the teeth will start closing. We don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations – teeth need to be completely aligned, and that’s when spaces can start to close. Don’t worry, those spaces will be gone at the end of your treatment.

6. Hello straight teeth! – When you get your braces off, most patients think that their teeth will stay straight forever. It takes work to maintain your straight teeth. Be sure to wear your retainers when treatment is done so your teeth will stay straight.

7. It’s all my wisdom teeth’s fault – Another common myth is that wisdom teeth are the cause of crooked teeth. You should know that there is a small amount of evidence to prove that wisdom teeth are the cause of crowding. Teeth are prone to drifting forward whether you have erupted wisdom teeth or not.

8. All overbites are bad – Overbites are a very ordinary thing. Some patients think that a minor overbite is a negative thing, but if you don’t have an overbite of some kind, your teeth will begin to wear down. Small overbites protect your teeth, whereas larger overbites can pose problems.

9. My braces will be removed on the exact date my orthodontist said – Our Port Coquitlam orthodontists will make an estimation at the beginning of treatment when your braces will be removed, but this date is not set in stone. If your braces break, you don’t brush or floss on a regular basis, wear your elastics, or show up for your designated appointments, your time could be extended.

10. I can switch my orthodontist at any time – Every orthodontist uses different tools and appliances, and they may have their own technique, so we recommend you stick with the orthodontist you already have. Sorting out finances is also difficult because each office has a different structure. It will be very expensive for you to switch orthodontists.

We hope that clears up some of the myths you may have about braces and orthodontics! To schedule an appointment, simply contact HGS Ortho today.

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Happy Easter from HGS Ortho

Posted on Apr 2, 2015

We hope you have an enjoyable Easter weekend, surrounded by your family and friends!

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