Dr. Geoff Smith offer only the most effective dental treatment remedies for your teeth. Both braces and Invisalign can generate great results when it comes to providing you with the smile you most desire. Both approaches can align your teeth and relieve crowding, spacing, cross bite, overbite, and underbites. Both methods of treatment come at a similar price.

You could take a cross-country road trip in a decades old economy car or you could enjoy the journey in a new luxury sedan. Both will get you to your destination, yet you will be much more comfortable driving across the country in the sedan. Likewise, your journey to a wonderful smile is a lot more comfortable and luxurious with Invisalign as opposed to classic braces.

Some of the discomfort you might experience with braces is significantly reduced with Invisalign. Because Invisalign is custom-fit for your mouth and made from durable plastic, you are sure to feel much less discomfort, irritability, and even pain. Unlike braces, there are no limitations to your meals; you can consume anything edible and within reason.

Of course you will certainly wish to brush and floss your teeth to prevent cavity enducing plaque accumulation, tooth discoloration, and oral decay. If you put on braces, these basic tasks can come to be rather a challenge. Invisalign aligners are quite simple to take out and switch out, so you could brush or floss like typical without having to function your method around any type of metal framework covering your teeth.
You do not need to be shamed to reveal your teeth when you are using the Invisalign device. Because the aligners are almost unnoticeable, no person will certainly even see you are using them! Whether you are a teenager or an older grownup, you can live your life typically.

Orthodontics 101: 10 Common Myths About Braces

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Even if you know a lot about braces, there are a few common myths you may not be familiar with, so HGS Ortho in Richmond and Port Coquitlam is here to set the record straight. 10 common myths about braces: 1. Ouch! Braces are a pain – Compared to the past when braces were heavy and very painful, now we have innovative technology with flexible, much more comfortable wires. If you want straight teeth, you don’t have to go through excruciating pain to get there. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a patient who...

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Happy Easter from HGS Ortho

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We hope you have an enjoyable Easter weekend, surrounded by your family and friends!

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The Many Benefits of Oral Health

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When you brush your teeth, floss and use mouth wash regularly, you are doing so much more than just taking care of your mouth and teeth. There are many benefits of oral health that you may not know about. Through regular maintenance at home, visits to your dentist, and visits to our Richmond and Port Coquitlam orthodontist, HGS Ortho, for your orthodontic checkups, professional dental health services will ensure you reap more than just white teeth and healthy gums. One of the most common ways bacteria grows and enters the body is through the...

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Missing Teeth in Children: A Potential Orthodontic Problem

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Despite what you may have thought, you can’t always tell if you are missing teeth in your smile. In fact, missing teeth in children can often lead to eventual orthodontic problems. But how can you tell if the problem is missing teeth, or if there is just a large gap in your child’s smile? To determine whether or not teeth are actually missing, x-rays must be taken at your local orthodontic clinic. A tooth might not be missing all the time – it might be hidden under the gums; therefore, The American Association of Orthodontics...

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How Impacted Teeth Impact Your Oral Health

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Impacted teeth are teeth that don’t come out completely through the gums or have only partially come out. Often, the third molars, commonly referred to as ‘wisdom teeth’, are found to be impacted and may require treatment. Extraction is the most common course of action for impacted teeth, but over-the-counter pain medications and salt water rinses may be sufficient in some cases. Some patients may not require any treatment at all for impacted teeth. Your orthodontic specialist at our Port Coquitlam and Richmond orthodontist...

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Invisalign: Not Just For The Younger Set

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Invisalign is the clear alternative to traditional metal braces, and while parents of teenagers are very familiar with the benefits of BPA-free plastic aligners, most aren’t aware that Invisalign isn’t just for adolescents. Anyone’s teeth can be straightened with a custom-created Invisalign program by our team of experts at Port Coquitlam and Richmond orthodontist practice HGS Ortho. Invisalign aligners are completely clear and embarrassment- and hassle-free. To be effective, your orthodontist at HGS Ortho recommends that you wear the...

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Adult Orthodontics Give You a Beautiful Smile at any Age!

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Braces and invisible aligners don’t have to be just for kids and teens. In fact, the orthodontics team at HGS Ortho in Port Coquitlam and Richmond have helped numerous adult orthodontic patients achieve a wonderful healthy and straight smile with the use of orthodontics. Wondering if you’re too old for orthodontic treatment? You’re not too old for orthodontic treatment! As long as your bones and gum tissue surrounding your teeth are healthy, you’re a candidate for adult orthodontics. In fact, 1 in 5 orthodontic patients...

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Why Retainers Matter

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After you’ve successfully completed your orthodontic treatment at our Richmond and Port Coquitlam orthodontist office, the next step is getting fitted for a retainer to maintain your new straight smile and to avoid complications or additional orthodontic treatment. What are Retainers?  Orthodontic retainers can be either removable or fixed appliances that are placed on your teeth after you are finished with orthodontic treatment. Retainers are typically made of metal and plastic and are typically fixed behind your teeth. How Often Do I...

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Crooked Teeth and Your Oral Health

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Everyone wants a straight smile, but if you were born with crooked teeth, or if they have become crooked over time, there are always options to straighten out crooked teeth – no matter what age you are. Crooked teeth are a very common problem found in orthodontist patients, even at our Richmond orthodontic practice. Your teeth can become crooked for a variety of reasons, but the most common are: Loss of a tooth or teeth, which creates spaces towards which other teeth may shift. Excessive thumb-sucking, which can cause open bites and...

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Invisible Braces and Adult Orthodontics at HGS Ortho

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Now more than ever, adults are straightening their smiles with Invisalign, thanks to the latest advancements in hidden braces technology. At HGS Ortho, your Port Coquitlam orthodontist, adult braces have become one of our most requested dental procedures. In a recent survey by Invisalign, 74% of women and men in North America believe that a beautiful smile will help to get a better job, while 84% of the survey participants felt an attractive smile would improve their love lives. Many adults who choose to straighten their teeth later in life...

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